Statutes for Källö-Knippla Council meeting (ex Källö-Knippla public community foundation) adopted at the extraordinary meeting of members 2004-02-22 and confirmed the regular annual meeting 2004-04-25 
§ 1 Name
The association's name is Källö-Knippla Öråd. 
§ 2 of the objects
The association's purpose is to promote Källö-Knippla residents best, and to defend members' interests and common concerns. This also includes questions common to Öckerö Community.
§ 3 The Board's headquarters
Registered office is Källö-Knippla
§ 4 Governing bodies
The association's decision-making body is the annual meeting, member meetings and board. Comments from members of the association conveyed in a dialogue with the municipality through the association's board of directors. The association must be politically and religiously independent. 
§ 5 Operational and financial
The association's operational and financial year shall cover the period January 1 to December 31. The association shall be liable accounts.  
§ 6 Right of representation 
The Board represents the association. The association's name signed by the Board or, if so Decisions of the Board, two directors jointly or specially appointed person. 
§ 7 Membership
Everyone who lives in Källö-Knippla and people recorded in Öckerö Community and at least sixteen years of age is a member of the association. 


§ 8 timing, call for meetings 
The association's annual meeting takes place before the end of April on the ground that the Board may determine. Notice of Annual Meeting takes place by public notice which sets out the issues to be addressed. The notice posted on the appropriate allocation sites in the area no later than 14 days before the annual meeting. 
Proposed agenda, annual report, annual accounts, auditors' report, the board's proposal and submitted motions with the Board's opinion and the Nomination Committee's proposal shall be available to members at least one week before the annual meeting of the location specified by the Board. 

§ 9 vote and no quorum at the annual meeting 
Each member who participates at the annual meeting of expression, of proposal and vote. Proxy voting is not allowed. 
The meeting is a quorum with the number of members present at the meeting. 
In the management of operational and financial report and discharge the Board members and deputies not to vote. 
Decisions on matters of fact require a simple majority and by open vote. At the same number of votes the chairman´s vote decides. 
For individuals shall be by secret ballot if someone requests it. In a tie, the lot will decide. 

§ 10 cases at the annual meeting 
At its annual conference to be addressed: 
1. Election of chairman, secretary and the minutes of the meeting 
2nd Approval of the Meeting Announcement and invitation 
3rd Board of Directors and Annual Report 
4th The auditors' report of the Board's management 
5th Question on the discharge of Board Members 
6th Ask about using this year's profit or cover the possibly resulting loss 
7th Ask about fees paid to directors, secretary, treasurer and auditor. 
8th Selection:
a) the association's chairman for a period of 1 years 
b) at least six other members of the Board for a term of 2 years 
c) at least three alternates on the Board for a term of 2 years 
d) two auditors and one alternate for a period of 1 year 
e) three members of the Nominating Committee for a term of 2 years 
9th Proposal from the Board 
10th Of members left the proposal, submitted to the Board in good time so that they could be included in the announcement. 

§ 11 Extraordinary Annual Meeting 
Extra annual meeting is held when the board, auditor, or less than one tenth of the members find it necessary and in writing call this with their grounds. Notice of Extraordinary Annual Meeting takes place by public notice which sets out the issues to be addressed. The notice posted on the appropriate allocation sites in the area at least 1 week before the extraordinary annual meeting.


§ 12 The Board, together touchdown, duties, etc. 
The Board shall consist of the chairman and at least 6 other members and at least 3 replacements. 
The term of office is one year for the chairman and two years for others. 
The elections shall take place alternately in order to avoid the entire board resigns while. 
The Board meets immediately following the annual meeting of the organization of the government. 
The Board may elect other officers. The Executive Committee shall prepare the issues to be dealt with by the Board and on behalf of the Board, implement the decisions. The Executive Committee will decide on matters delegated to it. 
The Board is a quorum when more than half the members are present. For that decision to be valid is that more than half of the annual meeting of the fixed number of members agree on decisions. 
Notice of the meeting shall be sent to members and alternates as well as for information to auditors and the Committee's Chairman. The Board meets when convened by the President, or when at least half the numbers of members have requested it. 
In urgent cases the chairman may decide that issue to be decided at the telephone meeting. Such a decision must be presented at the next subsequent meeting.
Board appoints vice-president, secretary and treasurer. 
When the annual meeting is the single board is the association's decision-making body and is responsible for the affairs of the association. 
At board meetings conducted protocol, this is adjusted by the selected facilitator.
It is for the Board to 
- Execution of the annual meeting decided 
- Plan, manage and distribute work within the club 
- Assume responsibility and manage the association's funds 
- Provide information to the committee on which members should resign 
- To ask the auditor association's accounts and prepare the annual meeting 


§ 13 Election Committee 
The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members. One member appointed as convener. 
The Nominating Committee of any proposal for the annual meeting of the President, other members and alternates of the Board and auditors. The term of office is two years. The elections shall take place alternately in order to avoid the entire Nominating Committee resigns at the same time. Member of the Nomination Committee has access to board meetings and has thereby speak. 

§ 14 Court
The auditors have the right to continuous access to the association's accounts, annual meeting and board meeting and other documents. The auditors may enter the board meetings and has thereby right to speak. 
The association's accounts must be auditors at least one month before the annual meeting. 
The auditors shall review the Board's management and the Board shall submit the audit report no later than 14 days before the annual meeting. 


§ 15 Members meetings 
In addition to regular annual meeting, the Board may call a members' meeting. The Board is required to call a members' meeting if one third of the members in writing as requested. 
The rules governing the publication of the annual meeting shall be applied mutatis mutandis when a members' meeting to take place. 

§ 16 Voting rights 
At an annual meeting or assembly, each member has one vote. Event of a tie, the President of the sentence to be assisting the association's decision. All voting is open, unless secret ballot is requested. Decisions are taken by simple majority, except as otherwise provided in the statute. 

§ 17 The association's termination 
Society must cease their activities if so decided by two-thirds majority at two consecutive meetings, a member with at least one month apart. 
One of these member meetings must be the regular annual meeting. 

§ 18 The association's assets. termination 
If decided that the corporation must cease its activities, the meeting shall also determine what should be done with the association's assets. 

§ 19 Interpretation and changes of statutes 
Doubt arises about the interpretation of these statutes, or if circumstances occur that are not foreseen in the statutes, refer the matter to the next annual meeting or in urgent cases is decided by the Board. 
For amending these statutes required a two thirds majority at two consecutive meetings, a member with at least one month apart. One of these member meetings must be the regular annual meeting. 



      Källö-Knippla, Bohuslän


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