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Källö-Knippla Island Council



The Källö-Knippa Island Council has the duty to protect islanders' interests and express them with the authorities and relevant organizations. To cardiac issues include schools, residential care, communications (both ferry services, public transportation, and telecommunications). Coordination is also done with sports activities and the port board to post replies. Some times per year are also meetings held joint with Öckerö municipality other islands councils



Knippla Island Councils 2009-2010

Board of Directors period/years
President: Tomas Hafstrand 1
Chairman: Eivind Orvarsson 2
Secretary: Lars Hammarson 2
Deputy Secretary: Birgitta Arvidsson 1
Full member: Elisabeth Nilsson 1
Caroline Claesson 1
Kent Eriksson 1
  Jimmy Löfving 2
Alternates: Gunilla Waller 2
Hans Benzler 2
Dan Petterson 1
Willy Andersson 1
Ingvar Svensson 1
Auditors: Agneta Andersson 1
Inger Tornberg 1
Deputy auditors: Ylva Nilsson 1
Nomination: Yvonne Kihlman 1
Egon Nilsson 1


      Källö-Knippla, Bohuslän


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